Photography of Tor Håkon Haugen

Welcome to my webpage.

My name is Tor Håkon Haugen. I live near the town of Haugesund on the west coast of Norway.

On these pages I will try to make a home page in the spirit of the 90's: Hand-crafted HTML and curated list of websites to visit, but also keeping up with the standards using CSS to accommodate for mobile, tablets, desktop and print. And of course HTTPS all the way.

These pages are IPv6 accessible since mid-March 2023, until they aren't, in which case you will not be able to read this if your device supports and use IPv6.

My plan going forward is to write more content here, more static and permanent content, and let the blog be a blog. So stay tuned.

If you want to, you can also read my blog.


Some of my interests (in no some particular order):


This is a collection of links to websites I visit regularly. They started out in the list below and got "promoted" because I came here to find them time and time again.

Other Links

Here are various links I've collected over the years:

Okay. I'll be honest. It's more like a list of stuff I intended to read once, but then I had to clean up my open tabs in the browser...

Even more links

Think of these ones more as "links to resources." But also a list of things I inteded to read.

Okay, now this is just a pure to-read list

These may (or may not) disappear when I don't need them anymore.

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